mercredi 12 février 2020

Night Punch - Foggy Soundcheck, a foggy interview to listen loud!!!

A deflagration from hooded guys, oh yeah that was it. We met the hamburger punks before their show supporting Pisse at Molotow and we had a quick chat and some lifestyle tips.

For the record, we have been seeing Maddes, Yannick, Paul, Luka & David in some other cool bands in the past, to do some name-dropping for you to dig : Death Canyons, Brain Traps, The Haermorrhoids, The Dutts, Sgt. Cooper, Melting Palms, Mescal Owls, Wearemarvin etc…. Now is Night Punch, a fully loaded loudy pleasure, what more do you need?

They released their first tape a few months ago, the Get Lost Tape, and we highly recommend you to check them out, online and live. Before that, turn it up to 11, press play and be introduced to the dudes here (several links in case) :

Bonus : some playlist tips from our guests when we asked to pick one song:

- The Spits - My mess
- Sandy Nelson - Chop-Chop
- Chokebore - Valentine
- Everything from Total Control and Constant Mongrel
- The Urinals - Black Hole

Podcast Tracklist :

- Night Punch - Grey Blue Eyes / Get Lost Tape - 2019
- Pisse - CO2 Bilanz / LP 2020
- Night Punch - live 31/01/2020
- Sandy Nelson - Chop Chop 1961?
- Night Punch - Headache / Get Lost Tape - 2019 + live Zugabe Bring (Spits cover) 2020
- jingle credit : Couteau Latex - Téléportation + Siddiq Sarhan

Thanks to Night Punch, Molotow, Pisse and St Pauli.

B / FGC.