mercredi 11 décembre 2019

La Pochette Surprise Records, music label from Hamburg, a Foggy Interview to listen loud!!!

Proud to announce the first episode from a new serie of recorded interview or podcast, call it as you like!

In this first recorded Foggy Interview, we’re meeting a young fellow called Velvet. He’s the boss of La Pochette Surprise, a record label from the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg in the north of Germany. We are following his activity since the beginning actually, and it was obvious for us that we had to find out more deeply why he’s doing that.

This journey will lead us to talk about the genesis and purpose of La Pochette Surprise, its imagery but also the background of Velvet and his philosophy.
Let’s follow the Elbe, from Wedel to the Reeperbahn passing by Altona. Why has Hamburg this kind of unique vibe, always surrounded by great art and music scene and why a dolphin smokes weed.


Part 1 to listen here (several links in case): 

Tracklist :
- Warm Sword - Save It All Up / Demostruction K7 - La Pochette Surprise Records 2016
- Demon’s Claws - Hambourg / Lost In The Desert LP - Telephone Explosion Records 2009
- Tommy Roe - Dizzy 1969
- Sick Hyenas - Hoe / LP Moody Monkey Records 2014
- My Friend Peter - Groovy Kind Of Stonedness / Entre Les Trous De La Mémoire K7 - La Pochette Surprise 2016
- Death Canyons - Enter The Void / K7 La Pochette Surprise 2017
- Swutscher - Drahtesel / Wahnwitz La Pochette Surprise 2016
jingle credit : Couteau Latex - Téléportation + Siddiq Sarhan

Part 2 to listen below (several links in case):

The second part of this recorded interview is going through the questioning of creating music. What were the big steps and what are the next steps for La Pochette Surprise Records, which with almost 40 releases, from cassettes, Cds, LPs, comics, organized its first festival “La Fête Surprise” last september and that was a success.

We started our journey from Wedel in the west of Hamburg and will of course have a stop in St Pauli. The famous and cosmopolitan harbour neighborhood which is never sleeping, where you’ll always be surprised, for better or for worse, where you’ll drink and talk, at a kiosk, at Komet, in a smoky club basement, where you’ll dance, to some wild concerts, to some crazy DJ spinning 7 inches till the morning light.

From Wedel, this will end in Veddel, for the one who knows, it’s on the other side of the Elbe and still stuff happening there…

Tracklist :
- Swutscher - Affenkönig / Senf EP - La Pochette Surprise Records 2020
- Yard Bomb - WTF / LP - La Pochette Surprise 2019
- Die Cigaretten - Pillen / Vibe Ride LP - La Pochette Surprise 2019
- montage - prügelei in der kantine / K7 La Pochette Surprise 2019
- Snøffeltøffs - Beach Dream / LP 2014
- Television Personalities - Part Time Punks / Kings Road 1978
- Don Hollinger - Where the young folks go / 1966
- Velvet Underground - I'm Waiting For The Man Live at Max's Kansas City 1970
- Derya Yildirim & Grup Şimşek - Kürk / Kar Yağar - Disques Bongo Joe 2019
jingle credit : Couteau Latex - Téléportation + Siddiq Sarhan

Dig that, buy the stuff and go to the concerts!!! :

Thanks to Velvet, to La Pochette Surprise Family, all the bands, all the friends,  Couteau Latex for the use of the song, Baster for music tips and Robert for the good help. Pic above by Poli.

B / FGC.

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