dimanche 14 septembre 2014

Wolf Mountains - Foggyview (english)

Version française ici.

Some fuzz, some reverb, saturated guitar and some thick rhythmic playing on simple riffs carried by all the energy of 3 wild and enraged wolves: this is the cocktail of Wolf Mountains. At first, you think you’re listening to an umpteenth psyché garage band from California but it is not the case, this is made in Germany. They started as a combo in 2012 with Rheinold and Kevin, one year later joined by Thomas. As they tell, everything started in Stuttgart, around some old squatted wagons today shut down. And you can feel that by diving into their new album « Birthday Songs For Paul ». It’s easy to imagine these 3 guys walking around the northern train station of the town, unfathomed and suitable to the composition of such disturbed songs…

They just broke their car during their European tour, but you can’t at least get their new album (out on cassette via Retard Records). And as soon as they’re back on the road, go and check them live, maybe they’ll bare fangs !

x What is your definition of rock and roll or music ?

One for the money, two for the money, too.

x A picture ?

The picture was taken After a Show in Erfurt in the ZHOD Appartement.

x Worst nightmare ?

Being cooked alive, on a rollercoaster.

x The place you enjoy the most ?

The Wagon FFUS (R.I.P.). The one place in town (Stuttgart) that made it all happen, shut down last year.

x 3 albums :

- James Holden - Inheritors
- Crystal Stilts - In Love with Oblivion
- Marshall Crenshaw - s/t

x A quote :

"You sound like The White Stripes!" (Random Wolf Mountains Fan)
"Thank god I'm not playing in this band" (Max Rieger, musician about Wolf Mountains)

x Discography :

- We Are The Future (2013)

- Birthday Songs For Paul (2014), K7 on Retard Records

- Liens: Wolf Mountains fb
Wolf Mountains Bandcamp

Laura Bauer

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