mardi 28 août 2012

Brothers In Law - Foggyview (english)

Version française ici

The emersion in Italy of small labels and very interesting new bands put our neighbors as an important place for the European rock and roll scene. We could already discover this thanks to releases from Shit Music For Shit People or Hell Yes, between others, but for now, our next stop will be around Pesaro to talk about Brothers In Law

This promising trio is formed by Nicola, Giacomo and Andrea. 
Here is how they presented themselves: “Nicola and Giacomo are real brothers in law because their girlfriends are sister. So the name of the band was taken thankfully to this relationship. Only Giacomo in the band is working as an employee, Nicola is playing also in another very great band called Be Forest. Andrea sometimes is Djing in some club.” 

We discovered them thanks to their Gray Days 7’’ released last February (on labels We were never being boring / Cf-Records / Matta Lab) where you can find 3 deeply moving songs: Holy Weekend, Sharp Leaves and Ode to Love. These are also furiously addictive, as the trio is striking their pure melodies and shoegazing atmosphere with a total mastery. They previously released an EP in 2011 via Tannen Records and they’re recording their first album during the summer. We’re looking forward to it…

Brothers in Law - Holy weekend from lorenzo musto on Vimeo.

They kindly answered to a few questions:

x Definition of rock and roll and/or music:

Rock music is the capability to bring out inside emotion, expression and to change and reinvent anytime new things in music.

x A picture?

A pop version of Sarah Records logo.
We really love this label. Their bands are still an influence for us.

x (Favorite) Worst Nightmare:

The end of the world (it would be great!)

x The place you enjoy?

Our sweet rehearsal room

x 3 records:

- Felt - The Splendour of Fear
- The Velvet Underground & Nico
- Slowdive - Souvlaki

x The Quote:

“Hearts are the easiest things you could break” The Jesus And Mary Chain

x Discography:

- Brothers in Law - S/T EP - Tannen Records (2011)

   Brothers In Law - Butter Bricks by Tannen Records

- Gray Days 7" - We were never being boring / Cf-Records / Matta Lab (2012 )

   Brothers in Law - Holy Weekend by headphonesman agency
   Brothers In Law - Sharp Leaves by CF Records

- They're recording their first LP during the summer

Brothers in Law - Crystal Birds from lorenzo musto on Vimeo.


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