samedi 4 février 2012

Hhappiness - Foggy Foggyview (eng)

Version française ici

Hhappiness are Elias, Simon, William and Oskar. They told us that they’re working/struggling and playing/living in Stockholm “at the bottom of the food chain, top of the hill”.
They describe themselves as “Hhappiness, Out Sounds Collective, a bunch of bands and artists, and also a band.”
Their music is weird, led by a real sense of melody through insane experimentation and a delightful freshness.
We discovered these happy people, (glada laxar in Swedish), thanks to French label Almost Musique and through our last music selection Wol XII.
They’ll release their first 7’ the 14th of February (here to get it) and we are obviously looking forward to their next releases.

x Definition of rock and music:

jeez…I don't know. What's yours? Who cares?

x A picture?

"Sunshine" by Karel Appel (of CoBrA).

A couple of shady, colorful individuals up to some delicious no good.

x Worst Nightmare?

A couple of nights ago, Simon dreamt he was stranded on an island, chasing a duck - or similar nautical bird - trying to shoot it out of the sky with a bread roll. He had the fucker on lock when he realized that the bread was - like most bread - missing a trigger. Woke up bummed.

x The place you enjoy?

Kvastis! (See "Bananas" video)

Hhappiness - ¨Bananas¨ from Control Freak Kitten Records on Vimeo.

x 3 records:

- Guided By Voices - Bee Thousand
- Skip Spence - Oar
- Wu-Tang Clan - Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)

x The Quote:

"- Is time-travel really possible?? - No. - Awesome."

x Discography:

- Bananas 7" EP - Almost Musique. (02/14/2012)

- Future 7" and album with Almost Musique and also various side- and solo-projects coming soon.

     Hhappiness - Bananas by AlmostMusique
   Hhappiness - All Kinds of Trouble by AlmostMusique
   Hhappiness - Right as Rain by AlmostMusique


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