lundi 23 janvier 2012

J.C. Satàn - Foggyview (eng)

Version française ici

Would you believe me if I’d tell you that the gates of hell are located in Bordeaux? Anyway, this is where fiends called Ali Macabre, Romain Lubrique, Dorian Le Marteau, Paula Satàn and Arthur Satàn are practicing their cursed cult with dirty and bewitched melodies. Here is the message they gave to us before answering to some of our questions:

“We are a group of fundamentalists located between the “Grand Parc” and CFDT’s castle from St Genès neighborhood in Bordeaux. We’re spreading the Word of Jésus Christ Satàn’s, the hidden son of Virgin Mary and M. Satanas”.

Last year they did an evil tour everywhere to celebrate their last LP Hell Death Samba. Now they’re preparing the release of a new one for the spring then they’ll continue their crusades (France, UK, US…) to enroll some new lost souls.

x Definition of rock and music:

We have rarely had to answer to that kind of stupid question but we’ll do it anyway. Rock is when the guitar has a more grainy sound than that of a pop band.

x A picture?

This is a coloured drawing by Paula called ISOLATION #4. This is the kind of drawing she was doing while being bored far away from us. At this time, she was working in Italy, alone in a small bookstore. Then she has moved back to Bordeaux and it’s getting better. She’s drawing porno now.

x Worst Nightmare ?

The one where we had this dreadful punishment from Satan. He made disappear all of the meat of the world to replace it with tofu.

x The place you enjoy?

In our bedroom, inside our boyfriend/girlfriend, listening to the original soundtrack of Conan The Barbarian.

x 3 records:

- Desert Sessions Volume 7 & 8.
- Country Teasers - Satan is real again
- Beatles - White Album

x The Quote:

“Not only is there no God, but try getting a plumber on weekends” Woody Allen, My philosophy.
This is one of Romain’s (the drummer) father’s favorite quotes.

x Discography:

- Satàn EP - Shit Music for Shit People (IT) – february 2010 – SOLD OUT

- Mauvaise Graine Split EP (avec Yussuf Jerusalem, Jack of Heart et Feeling of Love) - BORN BAD Records – june 2010 – SOLD OUT

- Split EP (withLE PECHEUR) - PRT Disques – october 2010 – SOLD OUT

- Sick of Love LP - SLOVENLY Recordings – november 2010

- Black Sabbath Split EP (withVermillion Sands) - NASTY Records – april 2011

- HELL DEATH SAMBA LP – Slovenly Records - 10/18/2011

- Other:
Mixtape de Noël Rank Toys Records
Compilation ICEBERG
Next StereoVisio 2 (février)

- New LP - Spring 2012

J.C. SATAN - NEW LP "HELL DEATH SAMBA" from Roman Chen on Vimeo.


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