jeudi 1 décembre 2011

Acid Baby Jesus : Foggyview (eng)

Acid Baby Jesus from Athens, Greece. 

(Version Française)

They’re currently ready to begin their European Tour (from the 1th of December with some gigs in France) with their mates Bazooka and they will also support Black Lips for some shows. All information about this tour here. 
They’re also taking some time to write new songs for the releases of some singles and an upcoming 2nd LP.

It’s sad that today in France, we’re only talking about Greece in terms of economic matters or sandwiches.
I’m not historian but I really want to tell the truth. Greece is a land where its youth knows how to rebel and it’s also the cradle of European culture. Maybe of good rock and roll as well, who knows?
Acid Baby Jesus might just be one proof of that.
What would Socrates, Plato & co have to say about the rage and the intensity of the music of their young descendants? We can truly assume that the fact of appreciating, listening to good music, is a philosophy. Anyway, that’s ours.
Vive Acid Baby Jesus, Vive la Grèce.

Noda is the guitarist and the singer of the band, and here, he has answered some questions:

x Definition of rock and music:

Rock 'n roll and other terms is just the human being's need to categorize everything and put it in a box.

Music is frequencies that vibrate our bodies in certain ways and create feelings. There's good music and there's bad music.

It's really frustrating to see bands like the Ramones being put under the same genre as Nickelback or some shit like that.

x A picture? 

This is Jack Black, the author of one of my favorite books called: "You Can't Win".
It's an autobiography and it's crazy to see this picture and think what the guy has put himself through.

x Worst Nightmare ?

Probably being buried alive. That’s pretty intense. Sometimes I smoke pot and think about it intensely and it’s like I'm there, so scary.

x The place you enjoy?

Being able to travel this last year has opened my eyes to a lot of new amazing spots around Europe and the U.S but I also have a new found appreciation for my hometown of Athens.
Also, my bed in the morning.

x 3 records:

It's hard to narrow it down to 3. There's a lot of records I get into from time to time but I always keep going back to Velvet Underground, Syd Barrett, Gun Club, Joy Division. Don't know why, I'm usually drawn to "darker" sounds, they make me happy.

Here's 3 records I've been listening to lately:

- Hell Shovel - Sonar Elastici, Il Pianeta Si Risveglia
- Total Control - Henge Beat
- Swell Maps - Trip To Marineville

x The Quote:

"Nothing is true, everything is permitted" Alamut (from the novel by Vladimir Bartol)

x Discography:

- "Demo Tape" (self-released)

- "I'm A Baby" single (Sound Effect Records)

- "Hospitals" EP (Slovenly Recordings) (april 2011)

- "Acid Baby Jesus LP" lp (Slovenly Recordings) (october 2011)

Acid Baby Jesus DECEMBER 2011 Tour :
1 THU Pisticci - Circus Club
2 FRI Roma - Muzak
3 SAT Verona - Jack The Ripper
4 SUN Ticino – Fiaska
9 FRI Konstanz - 9darter
10 SAT Geneva - l'Ecurie
12 MON Barcelona - Moog Club
13 TUE Vitoria - Ibu Hots
14 WED San Sebastian - Bukowski
15 THU Bordeaux - St. Ex
16 FR Nantes – Zoo Galerie
19 MON Strasbourg - Hall Des chars
20 TUE Viena - Shelter
21 WED Venice - Pop Corn Club 

5 MON Paris - La Maroquinerie
6 TUE Merignac – Krakatoa
7 WED Clermont Ferrand - La Cooperative De Mai
8 THU Lyon - Ninkasi Kao
17 SAT Brussels – VK
18 SUN London – Heaven
17 SAT Rennes – La Sambre w/Crash Normal
18 SUN Paris – La Mécanique Ondulatoire


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