mercredi 23 novembre 2011

COLOURS - Foggyview (eng)


COLOURS, is located in Kings Cross, Sydney.

How can we not be touched by his artistic universe? His music is blending dark and raw thoughts covered by moving and vaporous melodies.

Colours is currently setting up the recording of new EP from the promising band Bachelor Pad. Then, he’ll record his 2nd EP and then he’ll prepare an album. We’re enjoying feeling that there are so many nice stuffs going well in Sydney and we’ll continue to keep an eye on it.

We asked him to choose a picture (above) to illustrate the post and that’s what he says about it:

“All I can say is I had a long wait for a train so I decided to take some photos and that was one of them...”

x Definition of rock and music

The Stooges ...

x Worst Nightmare?

Touring with a Norwegian black metal band from the 80's.

x A place you enjoy?

x 3 records:

- Rowland S. Howard - Teenage Snuff Film
- Lee Hazlewood - Love and Other crimes
- My Bloody Valentine - Isn't Anything.

x The quote:

'We're all gonna be dirt in the ground' - Tom Waits.

x Discography:

- COLOURS EP 12”– on the excellent label Free Loving Anarchist Records and Tapes

- Split CS With 'Ghostless' (Cassette) - Bleach Blonde Records.

- Sundown (digitalsingle) – Beko 88

Colours - Lost In A Sea from klaus von barrel on Vimeo.


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